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Big Ten Told Urban Meyer That Denzel Ward's Ejection Was Wrong Call

Denzel Ward hit reviewed by Big Ten officials.

The Big Ten has determined that a controversial call from Saturday's Ohio State-Maryland game was the wrong one.

Midway through the first quarter of a blowout win vs. Maryland, junior cornerback laid a huge hit on wide receiver Taivon Jacobs, forcing a fumble.

Ward was flagged for targeting and ejected from the game, a decision that really irked Ohio State football and its fans.

While it was a violent collision, upon seeing the replay, its pretty clear that Ward laid a legal hit, and did not lead with his helmet.

As it turns out, the Big Ten agrees that the call was a mistake. Today, Urban Meyer shared that the league had reached out to tell him that the call was an error by the replay official.

In addition, the team is treating the play as a forced fumble for Ward, and he is being rewarded as such.

Player safety is at a paramount at every level of football right now, as it should be. Unfortuntaely, that means that there will occasionally be blown calls like this, even with the benefit of replay. Good on the Big Ten for admitting the error.

Ohio State went on to beat Maryland 62-14.