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Desmond Howard Not Impressed With J.T. Barrett Heading Into Penn State Game

Desmond Howard gives his take on ESPN.

Desmond Howard wants to see J.T. Barrett perform in a big game.

Ohio State quarterback J.T. Barrett has rebounded incredibly well since his team's loss to Oklahoma in week two, but one College GameDay analyst isn't sold just yet. Desmond Howard had a lot to say about Barrett's capabilities on ESPN late Friday night.

Howard said that he wants to see Barrett perform in a "meaningful" game - you know, like the one the Buckeyes have against Penn State on Saturday afternoon.

Here's the quote, via 247 Sports:

"He's been on fire... in meaningless games. Now if you go back to the meaningful games... let's go back to last season. Last season they played Michigan State, squeaked by with 17-16 victory. J.T. wasn't special in that game. They played Michigan in the Shoe, double overtime. J.T. wasn't the difference in that game. And then the Playoff game against Clemson. 31-0 I think was the score? It's safe to say he wasn't big in that game. And then the other game we had earlier in the year, Oklahoma came to town, seeking revenge. We know what happened in that game too.

So in the big games, I have yet to see J.T. become the difference maker. So why would I think against Penn State in the Horseshoe, tomorrow afternoon, he's going to be a difference maker again? I have to see it Maria and David to believe it."

It sounds like Howard thinks Penn State will win. Barrett would love nothing more than to prove him wrong.