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Eleven Warriors Has Created A Spoof Website For Michigan, Titled "MGo.Fail" website created for Michigan being so arrogant.

mgofail website eleven warriors

Michigan's last-second blunder against Michigan State hasn't just delighted Spartans fans. Of course, Ohio State supporters have been reveling in the aftermath as well. One Buckeyes site - Eleven Warriors- has come up with a humorous way to celebrate.

11W has created a new website, named MGo.Fail, which chronicles five of Michigan's biggest disappointments over the years. There's this past Saturday's punt fail, Ohio State's invasion of the Big House in 2009, Michigan's stinker against Toledo in 2008, Michigan's loss to FCS-level Appalachian State in 2007, and Michigan's collapse against Colorado back in 1994. They've included videos as well.

MGO.Fail website page for Michigan.

Ohio State fans will probably enjoy spending time on the site. Michigan fans probably won't.