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ESPN's Greg McElroy Reveals Who He Thinks Will Win Ohio State's Quarterback Battle

Greg McElroy while on TV for the SEC Network.

ESPN college football analyst Greg McElroy weighed in on Ohio State's quarterback competition on Friday night.

With the graduation of J.T. Barrett, Ohio State will need a new starting quarterback in 2018. The Buckeyes will have a number of options, and the top three seem to be Dwayne Haskins, Tate Martell and Joe Burrow.

Haskins, who will be a sophomore, played sparingly last season - mostly in mop-up duty for Barrett. But against Michigan, with Barrett injured, he shined, finishing 6-of-7 for 94 yards down the stretch. Clearly, given his game experience, he has a leg up on the competition.

Martell, one of the program's top recruits a year ago, redshirted this past season. He's uber-talented, but many wonder if Meyer would be willing to take a chance on him as early as next season.

Burrow, meanwhile, was injured this past season. He actually debated transferring this offseason, but at this point, it looks like that's off the table.

Friday night, ESPN's Greg McElroy weighed in on which player he thinks will get the nod. It's Haskins. Per 247 Sports:

“I'm going to go with Dwayne Haskins. So much about playing quarterback is about being confident. Well, I'm not sure there's a more confident individual that Dwayne Haskins. He's self described as a guy that can make every throw and can make throws that most guys can't make. That's what he said. That's not my words or anyone else's words. Those are his words. I look at how he performed under pressure against Michigan. Michigan had one of the best defenses in the country. … If you look at their defense, they were elite. And (Haskins) went 6-of-7 for 94 yards off the bench after having repped with the twos all week. I think he has the inside track, but it could become a photo finish because Burrow is well respected, and don't forget about Tate Martell – a highly-recruited player out of the West Coast.”

McElroy likely doesn't have any inside information from the Ohio State program. But his argument still makes sense. Haskins has both the experience and the confidence needed.

At the end of the day, it's Urban Meyer who will make the decision. Ohio State fans will be very interested in every step of the process.