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ESPN's Desmond Howard Reacts To The Urban Meyer Rally

Desmond Howard gives his take on ESPN.

Tonight's rally for Urban Meyer outside of Ohio Stadium has made some headlines. It isn't a big crowd of OSU supporters, but it is a vocal one.

Among those in attendance are Stacy Elliott, the father of former Ohio State star Ezekiel Elliott, and this guy with his cringe-worthy sign referencing the #MeToo movement. Not a good look from him.

ESPN's Desmond Howard has an opinion on both of these people.

"Nice sign, big fella. Interesting appropriation of the #MeToo movement here, given the circumstances that brought them there," Howard tweeted.

Des also clearly doesn't think Stacy Elliott is making a wise decision being at this gathering.

Howard, of course, is a Michigan alum and he works for ESPN. That means many Ohio State fans might tune his opinions out automatically.

Still, he gets paid to voice his thoughts, so he's not doing anything wrong here at all.