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ESPN Ranks The Top 5 Ohio State Football Coaches Of All-Time

Urban Meyer has only been Ohio State's football coach for four seasons, but is he already the Buckeyes' greatest coach of all-time? 

According to ESPN, the answer is: no. 

ESPN Big Ten writer Brian Bennett has ranked OSU's top-five coaches, ever. 

Here are his rankings:

  1. Woody Hayes
  2. Urban Meyer
  3. Jim Tressel
  4. Earle Bruce
  5. John Cooper

Bennett's justification for having Hayes at No. 1:

Well, sure. Hayes is synonymous with the Buckeyes, and few coaches have ever won more at a school than he did at Ohio State. His achievements include five national titles (1954, '57, '61, '68 and '70) and 13 Big Ten championships. He also captured four Rose Bowl crowns and three national coach of the year awards. The one major stain on his legacy is the way it ended, with that infamous punch of Clemson's Charlie Bauman in the 1978 Gator Bowl. But Ohio State fans still hold him in the highest possible reverence.

You can read his full ranking here