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ESPN's Danny Kanell Releases Controversial Top 4

Danny Kanell's ESPN top four college football teams.

danny kanell espn top four

The official College Football Playoff rankings don't come out until Tuesday night, but per usual, analysts around the country are giving fans a look at what they believe are the four most deserving teams in the country. ESPN's Danny Kanell released his foursome Sunday, and it features a bit of controversy.

Kanell's foursome includes Ohio State, Clemson, Baylor and Alabama - in that order. The Buckeyes, despite playing a lesser opponent than the Tigers, would move up two spots and overtake the top slot, if it were up to him. His inclusion of Baylor - and not Oklahoma State - is also turning heads.

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It's a safe bet that Clemson, Ohio State and Alabama keep their spots in the official rankings Tuesday. Who will get the fourth nod? It'll likely come down to Notre Dame, Baylor, Oklahoma State and Stanford.