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ESPN's David Pollack Unveiled His College Football Playoff Foursome

ESPN college football analyst David Pollack has made his picks.

College football season kicks off next week, and the predictions are continuing to roll in regarding which teams will be playing for it all later this year. ESPN's David Pollack is the latest to weigh in.

Last week, Pollack dropped his College Football Playoff foursome - which is pretty different from what most other analysts have been predicting.

Pollack has two obvious picks - Ohio State and Alabama. But his third team - Stanford - is a surprise. His decision to go with Clemson over Florida State is interesting too, given the departure of Mitchell Robinson.

Check it out:

...on Stanford over USC:

Pollack, who played at Georgia and had a brief stint in the NFL, has been part of ESPN's College GameDay for a few years now. Are his predictions legit?