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ESPN's FiveThirtyEight Tabs Ohio State As The College Football Playoff Favorite

FiveThirtyEight college football playoff odds.


Ohio State is the most-likely team to both make the College Football Playoff and win it, according to ESPN's statistic-driven website, FiveThirtyEight. 

The site, which is the brainchild of noted statistician Nate Silver, has developed a methodology to simulate the rest of the college football season. The simulations then give us the most-likely teams to win their conferences, make the playoff and win the national championship. 

The results: 

">November 4, 2015

Ohio State as the most-likely team to win the national championship isn't surprising, but it is a little weird that the Buckeyes have better odds to make the playoff than Clemson, which is the most-likely team to win their conference. 

We'd certainly be OK with a OSU-Clemson-Alabama-TCU College Football Playoff field. 

You can see the full table here