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ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit Unveils Latest Playoff Foursome

With just two weeks left in college football's regular season, there are limited opportunities for teams sitting outside the College Football Playoff's top four to jump into the mix. At this point, it's quite likely that the only way to play yourself in is to keep winning and hope that one of the top four falls.

That being said, not all college football analysts believe that the selection committee has the right four teams. ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit agrees with three of the four selections, but as you'll see below, he has a Big Ten team, Ohio State, in place of the SEC's Mississippi State in the four-slot.

">November 23, 2014

The Buckeyes didn't put on their best performance against Indiana Saturday, but they did win the game by a comfortable margin. 

Alabama, Oregon and Florida State seem to be firmly entrenched as Playoff teams until (unless) they stumble down the stretch - that much everyone seems to agree on.