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ESPN's Marty Smith Tells Story That Shows How J.T. Barrett's Taken A "Massive Step" As A Leader

JT Barrett of Ohio State on TV looking a disheveled.

JT Barrett Ohio State

ESPN reporter Marty Smith has been stationed in Columbus with Ohio State's football program a lot over the last year or so. Recently, he was there for the Buckeyes' record-setting spring game. 

This afternoon, Smith joined The Paul Finebaum Show. During his appearance, he discussed the Buckeyes and, more specifically, their quarterback - J.T. Barrett. 

Smith says Barrett has taken a "massive step" in the leadership department and told this story to showcase that. 

"He's taken a massive step leadership wise. He's exerting himself much more. I'll tell this quick story. They do a 'Real Life Conversation' at Ohio State often. They bring in CEOs and people of influence to speak to the team about real life. After one of those, J.T. Barrett walked up to Coach Meyer and said, 'Coach, I would really like the opportunity to bring in some of the guys who spoke during the DUI classes I had to take.' Urban granted him that. In that room, I'm told you could hear a pin drop. Those were tales of lives dramatically affected by poor decision making. That was a great example of how far he's come as a leader." 

Barrett was cited for an OVI last October. He was suspended for one game and had his license suspended for 180 days. 

Ohio State opens its 2016 season Sept. 3 against Bowling Green.