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ESPN's "Matchup Predictor" Predicts This Saturday's Biggest Games

ESPN's Matchup Predictor gives each team's percentage chance to win its game every Saturday. Here's what it shows for this weekend's slate of contests:

College football's week four slate isn't as solid as what we were treated to in week three, but there are still some meaningful games. Wisconsin and Michigan State meet in a huge Big Ten game. Ole Miss and Georgia will fight for SEC bragging rights. And Tennessee will attempt to break an 11-year curse against Florida.

Here are ESPN's Matchup Predictor percentages for all 'Power 5' teams that aren't ranked this week:

  • TCU is given an 83% chance to beat SMU.
  • Purdue is given a 74.5% chance to beat Nevada.
  • Iowa State is given a 51.4% chance to beat San Jose State.
  • Iowa is given a 75.5% chance to beat Rutgers.
  • Minnesota is given an 89.9% chance to beat Colorado State.
  • Virginia Tech is given an 83.9% chance to beat East Carolina.
  • Central Michigan is given a 76.6% chance to beat Virginia.
  • Syracuse is given a 52.7% chance to beat UConn.
  • Boston College is given a 98.8% chance to beat Wagner.
  • Boise State is given an 83.9% chance to beat Oregon State.
  • West Virginia is given a 70.8% chance to beat BYU.
  • Notre Dame is given an 85.3% chance to beat Duke.
  • Mississippi State is given a 92.4% chance to beat UMass.
  • North Carolina is given a 70.3% chance to beat Pitt.
  • Indiana is given a 57.6% chance to beat Wake Forest.
  • Missouri is given a 99.8% chance to beat Delaware State.
  • Western Kentucky is given a 59.1% chance to beat Vanderbilt.
  • Oregon is given a 62% chance to beat Colorado.
  • Kansas State is given a 98.8% chance to beat Missouri State.
  • South Carolina is given a 62.1% chance to beat Kentucky.
  • Arizona State is given a 55.7% chance to beat California.

Here are the Matchup Predictor percentages for all ranked teams entering this week: