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ESPN's Michael Wilbon Has A Blunt Assessment Of The Big Ten

Michael Wilbon speaking on ESPN.


Prior to this weekend's slate of college football, ESPN personalities Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon discussed the conference's late start to the season and whether it could be considered an advantage.

Kornheiser listed some potential advantages for Big Ten programs, but Wilbon wasn't buying it. The reason he's not all in on a late start being an advantage is because he's simply not impressed with the teams in the conference.

Outside of the Ohio State Buckeyes, there's not a team in the Big Ten that Wilbon is confident in right now. He even took a few shots at the Wisconsin Badgers.

"Wisconsin is the most overrated team every year," Wilbon said on Pardon The Interruption. "The Wisconsin Badgers in football are the Dallas Cowboys. Every year people talk about how great they're going to be. They're 14th ranked this year, but I have no faith in Wisconsin. I don't have any particular faith in Penn State, and I only have lukewarm faith in Ohio State. I’m glad to see the Big Ten football season going. I'm thrilled, I'm thrilled. I don't know if anybody other than Ohio State can possibly make it to the playoff. That's the only one and that's a big fat if."

Next weekend's game between Ohio State and Penn State will have a huge impact on the Big Ten's playoff hopes.

If the Buckeyes dismantle the Nittany Lions on the road, they'll undoubtedly be considered the top team in their conference. But more importantly, Ryan Day's squad will validate all the talk about them being championship contenders.

Another important matchup for the Big Ten is tonight's Michigan-Minnesota game. The winner of that game should receive a solid boost in next week's rankings.

Do you think a team from the Big Ten will make the CFP?