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ESPN's Thursday Night Team Revealed It's College Football Playoff Foursome

College Football playoff bracket.

college football playoff field

We've only played four weeks of college football, but fans and analysts are already starting to reveal which teams they believe are deserving of spots in the four-team playoff. We showed you ours this past Tuesday. It looks remarkably similar to what ESPN's Thursday night crew dropped during the Miami (FL) vs. Cincinnati game.

ESPN's Thursday night team, which consists of Jesse Palmer, David Pollack, Joe Tessitore and Kaylee Hartung, has Ole Miss, Michigan State, Utah and Ohio State in the field. UCLA and TCU are the next two out.

">October 2, 2015

Obviously, this is based on what's already happened - it doesn't include predictions for the rest of the season.

Do they have it right? Should Ohio State, which has looked shaky at times, still be included?