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Even Mark May Seems Impressed With Ohio State's Performance vs. Michigan Today

Mark May talks before being laid off by ESPN.

Mark May on air for ESPN.

Ohio State is playing its best game of the season Saturday, and unfortunately for Michigan fans, it's coming against the Wolverines. Heck, even Mark May seems impressed by what he's seeing from the Buckeyes.

May, whose disdain for Ohio State is well known, has been on Twitter all afternoon while watching the game. While he hasn't outright complimented the Buckeyes, he's made it clear that he thinks they're the better team.

He also called the game "over on cuts" - a boxing term. He thinks Ohio State TKO'd Michigan with the punt block touchdown.

Here's what he's saying on social media:

May, who went to Pittsburgh, must be in a good mood since the Panthers are playing in the ACC title game against Clemson next week.

May worked alongside Lou Holtz on ESPN's college football coverage for years. He was let go by the company during its layoffs last year.

Ohio State currently leads MIchigan 48-25 with just over 10 minutes to play.