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Kam Chancellor Was "Surprised" By Ezekiel Elliott's Physical Style

Ezekiel Elliott impressed at one least NFL veteran on Thursday night.

Ezekiel Elliott, the Dallas Cowboys running back who was drafted No. 4 overall in this past year's NFL Draft, made his debut on Thursday night against the Seattle Seahawks. He surprised at least one member of the opposition with his physicality.

Elliott rushed for 48 yards on seven carries. He also lowered the boom on Seahawks star Kam Chancellor. Chancellor told ESPN that he was surprised.

"I was, because there was no film on him, so I didn’t know if he was going to juke or whatnot, so I was a little surprised, but not the second time," Chancellor said. "The second time, you know I’m bringing that wood. I was a little surprised the first time, but he’s got a lot of courage for that. I’ll give it to him. But if it was a full game, it would have been a bloodbath.

"He lowered his shoulder the first time, and I commend him for that. But I was just out there having fun. I was just taking on the challenge. I love a challenge. I love a good fight."

Here's video of the play.

Big Ten fans are well-aware of Elliott's style of play - so this likely doesn't come as a surprise. We'll see if he can hold up for an entire NFL season.