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Ezekiel Elliott's Mother Tried To Buy Ohio State's Black Jersey With Her Son's Number, But They're Sold Out

Ohio State's Ezekiel Elliot's mother tweets that she can't buy her sons number online.

Ohio State Black Jerseys Elliott

While we're still not sure which Nike schools will be wearing the black alternate jerseys that popped up this past weekend, we do know that fans of at least some of the schools are excited at the possibility. Maybe a few family members of players, too.

Tuesday, the mother of Ohio State running back Ezekiel Elliott, Dawn Elliott, apparently tried to go on Fanatics and purchase a black jersey shirt with her son's number - No. 15. To her dismay, it was already sold out. 

">August 4, 2015

We're not sure what the NCAA rules are regarding this kind of thing, but shouldn't the mothers of players get first crack at their son's jersey?