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Ezekiel Elliott Welcomes Taco Charlton To Cowboys With "Enemies To Family" Tweet

Ezekiel Elliott welcomed Taco Charlton to the Dallas Cowboys in an interesting way.

Ohio State vs. Michigan is the best college football rivalry in the country, and it's safe to say that even after players on both sides graduate, they never really get over their disdain for one another. Unless, maybe, they have to play together?

Thursday night, after Ezekiel Elliott, former Ohio State star, heard the news that the Cowboys had drafted Taco Charlton, a former Michigan star, he took to Twitter with an interesting post. His message? "Enemies to family."

Elliott's responses are dicey. Many fans on both sides aren't having it.

Obviously, Elliott and Charlton won't be the first former "enemies" in a rivalry to play together in the pros. That being said, Ohio State vs. Michigan the past few years has featured a great deal of trash talk.

One sure thing? Next year's Ohio State vs. Michigan game will feature some type of locker room wager. We can't wait to find out what it is.