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Fans Are Annoyed With This Aspect Of ABC's Broadcast Tonight

ohio state penn state

Ohio State and Penn State are playing the primetime game on ABC tonight. So far, it's been a pretty frustrating night for Buckeyes fans.

It's Penn State 13, Ohio State 0 with a couple of minutes left in the first half.

Buckeye fans aren't the only ones frustrated tonight, though.

Several people watching ABC's broadcast have pointed out how annoying the yellow "SCORE ALERT" notification is.

It keeps making fans think that there was a penalty called on the play.

"ABC’s big yellow-not-a-penalty-flag SCORE ALERT bar that pops up right in the middle of plays to give Colorado Rockies baseball score updates is directly from hell," one fan tweeted.

"The yellow score alert on abc is ridiculous. Choose any color other than yellow for what I thought were obvious reasons," another added.

Tonight isn't the first time this has been an issue, either.

It might be something to look into, ABC.