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Former Buckeye Kirk Herbstreit Claims It's "Pompous And Stupid" To Say "THE Ohio State University"

Former Buckeyes quarterback Kirk Herbstreit may list himself as a "proud Ohio State alum" on Twitter, but there is one thing about the school - or at least its student-athletes - that he is not fond of. Herbstreit, while speaking at today's "They're Off!" luncheon for the Kentucky Derby, made it clear that he thinks that it is "pompous and stupid" when players or alumni add the word "The" to Ohio State University.

">April 11, 2014

It's tough to pinpoint exactly when the trend began, but it's become common for former Buckeyes to announce their alma mater as "The Ohio State University" when starting lineups are announced for NFL games. What do you think, OSU fans - is Herbstreit right?