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Former Ohio State Player Calls Buck-I-Guy, Inducted Into ESPN's Fan Hall Of Fame, "An Embarrassment"

Ohio State's most famous fan has been honored for his die-hardness (or, really, his ability to find the TV cameras). 

Buck-I-Guy, aka John Chubb, was inducted into ESPN's Fan Hall of Fame today. 

The Columbus native goes to every Buckeyes' game, home and away, and drives around Ohio in a 1970 Chevy Impala that he's transformed into the "Buck-I-Guy Mobile." 

">August 19, 2015

">August 19, 2015

The crazy fan is not universally liked by Buckeye Nation. Far from it, actually.

Many criticized ESPN's decision on Twitter, including former Ohio State offensive lineman Kirk Barton. 

">August 19, 2015

Not cool, Buck-I-Guy.