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FOX Sports' Joel Klatt Believes Ohio State Is Starting Cardale Jones Because Of Recruiting Politics

Joel Klatt talks college football on FOX Sports 1.


Urban Meyer surprised many Monday night when he started Cardale Jones, not J.T. Barrett, at quarterback against Virginia Tech. Most believed Ohio State would pick Barrett, the safer, more balanced option, instead of Jones, the strong-armed, charismatic national champion.

FOX Sports' Joel Klatt is not happy with Meyer's decision. 

On a new episode of "The Audible," Fox Sports' college football podcast, Klatt floated the idea that Meyer chose Jones because of recruiting politics. 

Here's part of what Klatt said: 

"This is total speculation, but unfortunately I think this was more homage to the (Ted) Ginn Sr. bus and where Cardale is from, to keep those recruiting trails open, rather than what's actually best for the team. That's a wild theory, but..." 

Jones, a Northeast Ohio native, played at Glenville High School, the dominant Cleveland program led by Ted Ginn Sr., the father of former Buckeye star Teddy Ginn. Glenville is a school often recruited by Ohio State. Barrett, meanwhile, is from Texas.

This idea has been largely shot down by those connected to the Ohio State program. 

">@DougLesmerises is writing something -- cause we get this -- don't miss it.

— Ari Wasserman (@AriWasserman)

Trust me, Meyer isn't doing anything to appease Glenville. @DougLesmerises is writing something -- cause we get this -- don't miss it.

— Ari Wasserman (@AriWasserman) September 9, 2015

">September 9, 2015

Ohio State is set to face Hawaii on Saturday. Jones and Barrett are still both listed as co-starters on the team's depth chart.