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Fox Sports' Joel Klatt Tweets Out His Unconventional College Football Top 10

When the polls come out later today, we expect Ohio State to remain at No. 1, despite a close win over Indiana, while Michigan State, Baylor, and TCU should all be high up as well. Fox Sports college football analyst Joel Klatt has all of those teams in his Top 10, but the order of his list is rather unconventional, at least when compared to how the standard polls work. He tweeted out his ranking late last night after the dust had settled on week five.

">October 4, 2015

Klatt is definitely weighing pure performance pretty highly here. Ohio State and Michigan State are both undefeated and will likely be at the top of the AP and Coaches polls, but they've been playing teams close, while Baylor, Utah, and TCU all have recent impressive blowout wins.