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Greg Schiano Responds To Deposition Claims, Denies He Knew Of Sandusky Abuse

Update: Former Penn State defensive coordinator and interim head coach Tom Bradley, now the coordinator at UCLA, has also denied knowledge of any Sandusky allegations from the 1980s or 1990s.

">July 12, 2016

Earlier: Earlier today, two bombshells were dropped regarding the Jerry Sandusky sexual abuse scandal. First,it was revealed that unsealed court documents from 2014 featured a victim's claim that he informed Joe Paterno that Sandusky had abused him in 1976. Next, in a released court deposition, former Penn State assistant Mike McQueary testified that ex-Penn State assistants Tom Bradley and Greg Schiano were aware of Sandusky's abuse. McQueary said Schiano allegedly witnessed Sandusky “doing something to a boy in the shower.”Now, ESPN's Adam Schefter has a statement from Schiano, the current Ohio State defensive coordinator. He totally denied McQueary's claims. 

">July 12, 2016

This is a definitive statement from Schiano. It point-blank says that McQueary lied under oath about how much Schiano knew regarding Sandusky.

Of course, if more info emerges that indicated Schiano is lying, his words will be used to hang him.