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Here's How Much Ohio State Spent On Its New Logo That Nobody Likes

I'd have done it for way less.

Last week, Ohio State unveiled a new logo to the public, and fans were less than impressed. There were a lot of jokes flying around about how a novice Photoshop user could have produced the new design in five minutes. After all, it's not a huge deviation from the current logo:

This week, The Lantern, Ohio State's student newspaper, released an article with details on the finances of the logo to the public. Someone who works in the OSU marketing department told the paper that the costs were $37,500 for the qualitative and quantitative research of the design, and $7,700 on design refinement.

While the approximate $45,000 total isn't what some people expected (six figures), it's still a large sum of money for what appears to be a pretty simple change. Response has been about what you'd expect: