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Here's What The BCS Standings Would Have Looked Like After Week 8

BCS standings through 8 weeks of the 2015 season.

bcs standings week 8 2015

Next Tuesday, we'll get our first look at the current College Football Playoff field, which will feature four teams. But what if college football had never switched over to the new format, and still went with the BCS Standings to determine which teams would play for a national title? Well, it'd look something like the below.

BCS Know How has been putting together simulated standings to show fans what the national title picture would look like if things were still done the old way. Right now, it'd be Ohio State and LSU playing for the national championship. Clemson and TCU would be the first two left out.

">October 26, 2015

What do you think, college football fans? Would the BCS have the right two teams playing for it all - at least right now?