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Here's What The BCS Standings Would Have Looked Like After Week 9

BCS standings for college football teams through week 9 of the season.


Tomorrow, the first College Football Playoff rankings of the 2015 season will be revealed. There will be some debate over which four teams occupy the spots in the field, but what if the old BCS system was in place? Which two teams would be at the top of the list and playing for a national championship at this point in the season?

BCS Know How has been coming out with simulated computer rankings to show what the BCS would look like if it existed today. Last week, it had Ohio State and LSU as the top two squads, but there was a change this week, with Clemson knocking out their fellow Tigers. 

">November 2, 2015

College football fans, what do you think? Would the BCS have gotten it right?