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Here’s What The BCS Standings Would Look Like Right Now, After Week 11

Tuesday night, college football fans will get a look at the third version of the College Football Playoff committee's top 25 rankings. Per usual, some fan bases will be elated, while others will be devastated. Some might even long for an earlier time, when the BCS Standings were used to determine who played for the national title. Via a site named

Here’s what the #BCS would look like after the Week 11 games if it was still going:

— (@BCSKnowHow) November 10, 2014

" target="_blank">, we're able to show you exactly what they'd look like right now.

This week, both Alabama and Oregon have moved up after big wins. Auburn, after dropping an ugly contest to Texas A&M, has been relegated from No. 3 to No. 8. Here's how it'd all shake out:

">November 10, 2014

It's no surprise that both Mississippi State and Florida State - the last two unbeaten teams in the power five - sit atop the standings. We'll see how close it all comes to what the committee unveils tomorrow night.

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