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Here's Why Ohio State Is Wearing 1916 Throwbacks This Season

Sunday morning, it was revealed that Ohio State will be wearing some alternate throwback uniforms this fall - paying homage to its 1916 squad. The jerseys, as you can see below, feature five gray stripes and large, white numbers.

Why the 1916 season, you ask? Well, that squad was the first to win the Western Conference - which eventually turned into the Big Ten. Back then, the Western Conference consisted of Ohio State, Northwestern, Minnesota, Chicago, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana and Purdue. The Buckeyes went 7-0 overall - even winning one game 128-0 against Oberlin.

">@Bucknuts247) is Ohio State's 2016 alternate uniform:

— Andrew Lind (@AndrewMLind)

Can confirm that this jersey (via @Bucknuts247) is Ohio State's 2016 alternate uniform:

— Andrew Lind (@AndrewMLind) June 5, 2016

">June 5, 2016

Obviously, this looks to be a 100-year anniversary tribute. Do you like the new/old look?