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Is LeBron James Lying About Watching The Godfather 6 Times?

LeBron James had an incredible Game 5 this past Monday, putting up a ridiculous stat line of 41 points, 16 rebounds and seven assists. He credited his performance - in part - to his watching of The Godfather Part 2 the night before the contest. It was later revealed by ESPN's Chris Broussard that James claims he's watched The Godfather movies six times during the NBA Playoffs.

If you've watched any movie six times - much less six times since April - you likely know the majority of the lines in it. But when asked this week during a press conference to pick a favorite line or scene from the flicks, James couldn't. Which brings up the obvious question:

Is he lying? You be the judge.

It'd certainly be strange - but hey, we've seen weirder things in the world of sports. Regardless, we imagine all that Cleveland fans care about is a win tonight.

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