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James Franklin's Press Conference Quote After Loss vs. Ohio State Is Going Viral

James Franklin quote about Ohio State.

Penn State has held double-digit fourth-quarter leads in each of its last two games against Ohio State. The Nittany Lions lost both of those games, the most-recent contest coming on Saturday night, when the Buckeyes rallied for an epic comeback win at Beaver Stadium in State College, Pa.

James Franklin was extremely honest about his team and his program following the tough loss.

"We are a great program. We lost to an elite program," Franklin told reporters.

Franklin said he feels his program has gotten comfortable with being great. He wants it to be elite.

"We have gotten comfortable being great. We will no longer be comfortable being great."

Here's Franklin's lengthier statement, from 247Sports:

"The reality is that we’ve gone from an average football team to a good football team to a great football team and we’ve worked really hard to do those things. But we’re not an elite football team yet. As hard as we have worked to go from average to good, from good to great, the work that it’s going to take to get to an elite program is going to be just as hard as the ground and the distance that we’ve already traveled. It’s going to be just as hard to get there. Scratch and claw and fight. Right now we’re comfortable being great. I’m going to make sure that everybody in my program, including myself, is very uncomfortable. Because you only grow in life when you’re uncomfortable. So we are going to break through and become an elite program by doing all the little things.

"We lost by one point this year, we lose by one point last year. You make that up by the little things. By going to class consistently so the coaches don’t have to babysit you and we can spend our time developing you as men and as people and as players and not be babysitting everything. And don’t get me wrong, our guys do a great job going to class but there’s two or three guys, it’s all the little things. It’s all the little things that are going to matter and we are going to find a way to get from being a great program - which we are - just so everybody is crystal clear, we are a great program. We lost to an elite program, and we’re that close. We’ve gotten comfortable being great. We will no longer be comfortable being great. We’re going to learn from this, we’re going to grow from this and we’re going to find a way to take that next step as a program because we’ve been knocking at the door long enough. It’s my job as a head coach. I’m ultimately responsible for all of it. And I will find a way, we will find a way, with all the support of everybody in this community and everybody on this campus and the lettermen and everybody else, we are going to get this done. I give you my word. We are going to find a way to take the next step. I could read off all these stats, but the stats don’t matter. The stats don’t matter. We’re done being great."

That's the kind of honesty you rarely see from a head coach in Franklin's position. The honesty is appreciated.