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Jason Garrett Says He's "Disappointed" With Ezekiel Elliott

The Cowboys' coach isn't happy with what he saw from Elliott on Sunday.

Ezekiel Elliott quit on a play during Sunday's blowout loss to Denver.

The star running back failed to chase after a defender following a Dak Prescott interception.

Elliott had a brutal day all around, totaling just 8 yards on nine carries.

Jason Garrett has commented on that play from Elliott.

While the Cowboys' coach hasn't gotten the opportunity to speak to the former Ohio State star yet, he says he will soon.

From ESPN:

Jason Garrett said he will have a discussion with Ezekiel Elliott's effort on covering two interceptions in Sunday's loss to Denver. Garrett has yet to speak with Elliott but he was disappointed. "That's not the way we play," Garrett said.

Dallas is set to take on Arizona next Monday.