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Jay Harbaugh Takes Shot At Other Schools With Big Stadiums, Implies Michigan Has Best Academics Among Group

Michigan assistant Jay Harbaugh, the team's tight ends coach, has been furthering the Wolverines' cause on Twitter since the second he was hired by his father this past offseason. Thursday, he randomly took a shot at seven other big-time football programs.

Harbaugh tweeted out a "challenge", asking fans to re-rank the top eight schools in terms of stadium capacity by "quality of degree." In short, he's implying that Michigan's academics are better than that of Penn State, Ohio State, Texas A&M, Tennessee, LSU, Alabama and Texas. Clearly, he's trying to hammer home that playing at Michigan gets you both a rabid fan base and a great education.

">May 21, 2015

If you're wondering, yes, Michigan is the highest-ranked school of the group when it comes to academics, at least according to US News & World Report. Michigan is the 29th-best school in the country. Penn State is 48th. Texas is 53rd. Ohio State is 54th. Texas A&M is 68th. Alabama is 88th. Tennessee is 106th. And LSU is 129th.