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Jeff Long Says Ohio State's Team, Not Brand, Was What Got It Into Playoff

Sunday, the college football world finally learned which four teams will be playing for the national title this January. To the surprise of many, Ohio State, previously ranked No. 5, was able to jump TCU, previously ranked No. 3, after winning the Big Ten championship over Wisconsin, 59-0. The Horned Frogs, meanwhile, beat lowly Iowa State, 55-3. Baylor finished behind the Buckeyes as well, despite having a better loss (West Virginia).

There are many, like NBC Sports' Dan Patrick, who believe that Ohio State was chosen for the College Football Playoff because it is a bigger brand than both Baylor and TCU. Wednesday, committee chairman Jeff Long, speaking at an event in New York City, made it clear that OSU's brand was not a factor.

He also gave some sarcastic advice to anyone who is thinking about replacing him as chairman.

">December 10, 2014

Clearly, even if Ohio State's brand did come into play subconsciously, Long would never admit it. Either way, any of the three teams could have been selected - it's the way TCU was left out that caused the most controversy.