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Jemele Hill Is Not Here For The Urban Meyer Redemption Story

Jemele Hill on ESPN explaining her point.

Ohio State blew out Michigan on Saturday, and in the game's final few minutes, FOX's cameras panned to Urban Meyer's family, which was clearly overcome with emotion after a tumultuous season following the head coach's suspension after the Zach Smith saga. Not everyone is buying into the redemption story, though.

Jemele Hill, former ESPN SportsCenter anchor, took to Twitter to express her dissatisfaction with the idea. She thinks that the victim - who we assume she means is Courtney Smith - has had it a lot tougher this year than Meyer.

Hill doesn't seem to be buying FOX's stance on the matter either.

For what it's worth, Hill went to Michigan State - so she likely dislikes both schools, not just Ohio State.

Hill left ESPN a few months back and seems to be enjoying her new freedom on Twitter. She's been able to voice more of her opinions without fearing for her job.

Regardless, Ohio State emerged victorious Saturday and will face Northwestern in the Big Ten title game. A College Football Playoff berth could await the Buckeyes as well.