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Jim Harbaugh On Tweet Directed At OSU's Gene Smith: "We're Even Now"

Jim Harbaugh gets upset on the sideline against Ohio State.


The latest headline in the Michigan-Ohio State rivalry came this week, when Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh didn't take kindly to a comment made by Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith. Smith had said the Buckeyes would host spring practices in Florida like Michigan does if they needed to "jump start" the program. 

Harbaugh's tweet set off a flurry of responses from Buckeye players. Today, he addressed his jab at Smith with reporters following Michigan's practice at Ford Field in Detroit.

According to Harbaugh, he and Smith are now "even."

">March 26, 2016

Maize 'N' Brew has Harbaugh's quotes in full. 

"It felt like one got shot over our bow," Harbaugh said. "It wasn’t a knee-jerk reaction. I waited a good eight, nine hours and figured they might consider that it could be construed a certain way toward our program. Actually some of the scribes and pundits were construing it that way. So when no explanation came, thought it was time to fire one over their bow.

"Consider things even right now."

Guess that's that, for now. Somehow we doubt this will be the last headline involving Harbaugh and Ohio State before the Wolverines and Buckeyes actually meet on the field next November. 

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