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Jim Harbaugh Was Asked If He'll Be Rooting For Ohio State This Saturday

Jim Harbaugh talks about Rutgers trash talk during halftime of their game during a press conference.

jim harbaugh rutgers trash talk

Michigan still has hopes of both winning the Big Ten and playing in the College Football Playoff, but to make either happen, the Wolverines could use a little help - ironically, from their biggest rival. Ohio State will need to defeat Michigan State this Saturday for Michigan to still have a shot. The Wolverines don't hold the head-to-head tiebreaker over the Spartans, so they'll need to finish with fewer losses in the Big Ten.

Reporters asked Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh about the scenario Monday, but they didn't get much. Harbaugh, who was comparing pickup basketball at his elementary school to the College Football Playoff, just skipped over the question altogether.

">November 16, 2015

">November 16, 2015

">November 16, 2015

Harbaugh's reaction shouldn't come as a surprise - most coaches wouldn't touch the question. But you can bet that he'll be keeping an eye on what transpires in Columbus this Saturday.