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Joakim Noah Responds To Ohio State's Cardale Jones, "I Didn't Know Who He Was Until This Morning"

The Joakim Noah vs. Ohio State feud has reached the fire-flames level of intensity. 

In case you missed it: Noah reportedly trolled Buckeye quarterback Cardale Jones at the Bulls-Cavs game Wednesday night. "You ain't in the SEC," he mouthed. Jones responded on Twitter, telling the "chump" to watch his mouth. 

Noah then commented on the topic Thursday afternoon, saying he had no idea who Cardale was until this morning. Noah also claims he didn't say anything to the quarterback (but did he mouth something?). 

">May 7, 2015

">May 7, 2015

The I don't even know who you are insult is a pretty-good one, but Cardale Jones is a national champion-winning quarterback, so he's a pretty big someone

We need a response from Cardale and we need it right now.