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Joel Klatt Thinks 2 Big Ten Teams Could Make The Playoff

Ohio State's Malik Hooker deflecting a pass during a college football game between Ohio State and Penn State.

STATE COLLEGE, PA - OCTOBER 22: Malik Hooker #24 of the Ohio State Buckeyes breaks up a pass against DeAndre Thompkins #3 of the Penn State Nittany Lions in the first half during the game on October 22, 2016 at Beaver Stadium in State College, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)

Oklahoma's loss to Kansas State today shook up the College Football Playoff race. It hurt the Sooners' chances of a third-straight CFP appearance and made it more likely that the SEC could get two teams in.

Alabama and LSU are going to be undefeated when they face off in two weeks. They are currently ranked 1-2 in the AP poll and multiple college football analysts have hypothesized that the loser of that game could still reach the playoff under the right circumstances.

Well, that's likely true, but Fox Sports' Joel Klatt is suggesting that there is another conference that is angling toward putting two teams in the playoff: the Big Ten.

"Seeing a lot of narrative pushers out today talking about getting multiple SEC teams in playoff," Klatt tweeted tonight, "that very well may happen, but lets not pretend that @OhioStateFB and @PennStateFball aren't on the exact same course...Could easily argue for both of them."

Now, both Ohio State and Penn State are undefeated, and should remain that way before they play on November 23. However, the only way we see Klatt's scenario coming to fruition is if the Nittany Lions win in Columbus.

If Penn State is 11-1, even if its only loss is to Ohio State, it is tough to see the Nittany Lions getting in over either a second SEC team or a one-loss Oklahoma if they are Big Ten champions. Not to mention, Oregon still has a shot to go 11-1 and then win the Pac 12.

If Penn State beats Ohio State and then wins the Big Ten title game, they would join the ACC and SEC champions in the playoff. It would still be tough seeing Ohio State getting in with one loss in that scenario, but would the "eye test" and name brand of the Buckeyes be enough?