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Kenny Guiton On Ohio State's Clemson Loss: 'If We Could've Stopped Sammy Watkins, Would've Won'

After 24 straight wins during the 2012 and 2013 seasons, Ohio State's most recent class of seniors ended their football careers with back-to-back defeats. One of those losses came to Michigan State in the Big Ten title game; the other to Clemson in the Orange Bowl. 

One of those seniors, backup quarterback Kenny Guiton, is currently re-watching the 40-35 loss to the Tigers for the first time. He has a couple of thoughts on where the game went wrong for his Buckeyes.

">@sammywatkins we would've won..hard task smh

— Kenny G™ (@lowKeyG_13) June 21, 2014

In that Jan. 3 contest in Miami, Fl., Watkins totaled 16 receptions for 227 yards and two touchdowns. So, yes, Guiton is correct. If Ohio State's secondary could have slowed down the Tigers' go-to receiver, Guiton would have ended his career with a victory. 

Stopping Watkins is, of course, easier said than done, as Ohio State proved.