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Kirk Herbstreit Weighs In On 2002 Ohio State Being Named "Worst" National Title Team Since 1998

kirk herbstreit looking very tan at the nfl draft


The 2002 Ohio State Buckeyes won a national title against all odds, outlasting Miami in double overtime in the Fiesta Bowl after one of the most controversial pass interference calls in college football history. This week, Buckeyes fans, who have heard for nearly two decades that they didn't deserve the title, were dealt another blow. ESPN named 2002 Ohio State the worst national champion since the BCS era began.

ESPN's ranking comes from a combination of adjusted offensive and defensive ratings. The study finds that 2005 Texas, led by Vince Young, was the best team of the BCS and College Football Playoff era.

Naturally, fans wanted to hear Kirk Herbstreit's take on the matter, since he's an Ohio State alum. Herbstreit does not seem to agree that the 2002 Buckeyes were the worst of the bunch.

"I sure as heck don’t believe they were the worst. There’s intangibles that made this team who they were that I’m sure whatever formula they used didn’t take into account. And this teams real strength was its belief and ability to find ways to win. Also really talented roster."

Herbstreit dropped the opinion responding to a tweet from a fan on Friday.

Here's what ESPN had to say about Ohio State's 2002 team - despite ranking it last on the list.

No one would label the 2002 Buckeyes dominant, despite five wins by 24 points or more and a defense that allowed only 64 points in the second half all season. Ohio State's signature moment before the famous pass interference call in the title game was a fourth-down touchdown pass from Craig Krenzel to Michael Jenkins that gave the team a 10-6 win over a 4-5 Purdue team. Holy Buckeye, indeed. The Purdue win kicked off a November of escapes for Jim Tressel's team. Ohio State beat unranked Illinois in overtime, then outlasted archrival Michigan 14-9 as running back Maurice Clarett returned from injury and Krenzel led a fourth-quarter touchdown drive. The defense had stars such as safety Mike Doss, lineman Will Smith and Chris Gamble, who played cornerback and receiver. Clarett, a true freshman, became the face of the offense. This was a team that simply knew how to win, style points be damned. -- Rittenberg

Ohio State will open the 2018-2019 season looking for its third national title of the BCS and College Football Playoff era.