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Kirk Herbstreit Addresses Claim He "Plays Favorites" With Ohio State

Kirk Herbstreit is the most-popular college football analyst in the world. 

Most people seem to like ESPN's top CFB expert, but as is the case with any well-known figure, there are many who dislike him. 

The biggest claim to hating Herbstreit among those who don't like him is probably this: he's biased towards his alma mater, Ohio State. 

Herbstreit addressed that on Twitter today. 

">May 24, 2016

Herbstreit really can't win when it comes to Ohio State.

If he says anything favorable about the Buckeyes, he's called a homer, and if he criticizes them, he's disliked by his alma mater's fan base. 

Herbstreit, 46, moved from Columbus to Nashville in 2011. It was initially thought that relentless Buckeye fans forced him to move, though he says that's not the case. 

“We just felt that the time was right,” he said at the time. “Doing my job, it's the greatest job in America. I wouldn't want to do anything else. We didn't get chased out of town by Ohio State fans at all. There were a few isolated incidents where we just thought about things and family and their safety and decided it was probably in the best interest of our family to move.”

The former Ohio State quarterback has been with ESPN since 1996.