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Kirk Herbstreit Makes His Pick For Ohio State vs. Penn State

Kirk Herbstreit on the set of College GameDay

Kirk Herbstreit/ESPN.

Kirk Herbstreit has made his pick for Ohio State vs. Penn State.

Most of the time, College GameDay picks a location that matches up with one of the games it'll be broadcasting later in the day. But with Ohio State vs. Penn State being on FOX, things are a little different this week.

That means that Kirk Herbstreit, who usually doesn't pick the final game of the day because he's calling it, actually got to make a pick for the GameDay location game on Saturday.

He picked Ohio State to beat Penn State. In fact - all the analysts did, except David Pollack.

Herbstreit is an Ohio State alum, so many will call him a homer here. But to be fair, the Buckeyes are at home and are favored by 6.5 points.