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Kirk Herbstreit Makes It Clear College GameDay Is Headed To Ohio State Next Weekend

Barring an extremely unlikely Oklahoma loss to UTEP, it looks like College GameDay is headed to Columbus next weekend.

College GameDay is in Atlanta ahead of the Alabama vs. Florida State matchup Saturday night, but it looks like ESPN has already made a decision on where it's headed for next week.

Saturday morning, after ESPN panned to someone who claimed to be a Desmond Howard fan, Kirk Herbstreit joked that Howard will have "a lot more" fans next week.

No, that doesn't mean the show is headed to Ann Arbor, where Michigan will play Cincinnati. It's sarcasm - because the show is likely headed to Columbus to cover Ohio State vs. Oklahoma.

The only reason it wouldn't happen? If Oklahoma somehow lost to UTEP, which is hard to see. Then maybe they'd head to Clemson to cover the Tigers' game against Auburn.