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Kirk Herbstreit Reacts To What Ohio State Is Doing To Michigan

Kirk Herbstreit On College Football's Most "Intimidating" Stadium


No one expected what has unfolded in this afternoon's Ohio State-Michigan game. The Buckeyes came into this afternoon's game as the underdog, but have looked anything but that against the Wolverines.

Ohio State is dominating Michigan, 41-19, late in the third quarter.

Kirk Herbstreit has been taking to Twitter to react to the game.

The ESPN college football analyst, unsurprisingly, is very impressed with what he's been seeing from the Buckeyes.

"Picked a PERFECT time to put it all together. Get ready for an Oklahoma and Ohio State debate for that 4th spot in the FINAL Rankings!! (And Bama if they were to lose the SEC Title game)," he tweeted.

If Ohio State can hold on in the fourth quarter, the Buckeyes will move on to the Big Ten Championship Game, where it'll face Northwestern.

The fourth quarter of Ohio State-Michigan is set to begin on FOX.