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Larry Johnson Pushes Ohio State To Be Elite In Powerful Speech

Larry Johnson gives speech to Ohio State.

Larry Johnson, the defensive line and assistant head coach at Ohio State University, refuses to accept mediocrity from his players. He expects nothing but the effort to be extraordinary.

In an inspiring pump up speech to the Buckeyes, Larry Johnson motivated the team to push past the edge - past slacking performance - and become elite.

He explains that elite "is not going to the edge and saying, 'I'm average, I'm good for the day.'" With the team's full focus in his grasp, the coach proclaims, "We got a chance to step on the edge...To be elite, you've got to take the fall. You can't be afraid to jump...There's no more average in this program!"

Head coach Urban Meyer shared the inspirational speech on Twitter. You can watch the message below.

If you don't have chills, you can't possibly be a true Buckeyes fan.

Ohio State kicks off its 2016 season at home against the Bowling Green Falcons.