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LeBron James Jr.'s Top 5 College Destinations

The college recruitment of the son of the greatest basketball player in the world has already started. 

LeBron James Jr., the 11-year-old spawn of the three-time NBA champion, is still a few years away from high school, but he's already got the attention of some of the country's top programs. ESPN says he has "standing" scholarship offers from two blue blood schools and he likely has plenty more coming. 

Sure, some of this is just for show - if his name wasn't LeBron James Jr., this probably wouldn't be happening - but the kid can really play. He does have LeBron James' genes, after all. 

Look at how good he is. 

Unless the NBA changes its draft rule and allows players to go straight from high school to the pros, we're going to get to see LeBron Jr. play in college. And that means we're going to get to see his recruitment, too.

It should be a crazy one. LeBron Jr. could very well end up being the No. 1 player in the country for his class (2023) and everyone will be after him. 

Which schools are in best position to land him?

Here are LeBron James Jr's top five college destinations. 

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5. Miami 

This seems unlikely, considering the Hurricanes don't boast a traditional college basketball power and LeBron Jr. will be recruited by everyone, but there is the South Beach connection. 

The basketball prodigy lived in the Miami are for four years and it's possible he could be living there at the time of his recruitment. 

His dad says he's staying in Cleveland for at least another season, but he's admitted he'd like to eventually play with Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony. One of those players said it'd have to be "somewhere warm."

So there could be a local factor with Miami.

The Hurricanes are starting to develop into a pretty nice program, too, having reached the Sweet 16 twice in the last four seasons. By the time LeBron Jr. is ready for college, perhaps they'll be even more of a power.

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4. UCLA 

What was said about Miami can be repeated with UCLA. 

Could LeBron Jr. be living in the Los Angeles area at the time of his recruitment? 

It's a possibility. 

If LeBron James decides to leave Cleveland and play out some of his final NBA seasons with his close friends, the Lakers (or the Clippers) seem like probable destinations. 

And with the Bruins' boasting a blue blood power that could be on the rise under Steve Alford, this could be a good choice for LeBron Jr. 

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3. Duke 

LeBron James loves Coach K more than any other coach he's played for, winning two gold medals under him at the Summer Olympics. 

If Coach K was guaranteed to still be coaching Duke at the time LeBron Jr. heads to college, the Blue Devils would probably be a lock for No. 1. They are one of the two programs said to have given him a "standing" scholarship offer. 

It seems kind of unlikely that Coach K will still be in Durham at the time of LeBron Jr.'s college days, though. 

He says he has no plans for retirement and the Blue Devils are in as good shape as they've ever been in, but he's 69 and will be 76 when LeBron Jr. makes his college choice. 

So Duke settles for No. 3 on this list with an asterisk and a No. 1 if Coach K is still in Durham in 2023. 

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2. Kentucky

The Wildcats are the other power program said to have offered LeBron Jr. a scholarship. 

LeBron James has a great relationship with Coach K, but he's got a good one with Coach Cal, too. There's the Nike connection and they've been seen at various events together. 

One of those events was an AAU tournament featuring LeBron Jr.'s team.

If LeBron Jr. is as good as people think he will be - a future NBA player - why wouldn't he go to Kentucky (as long as Coach Cal is still there)?

The Wildcats are better than anyone else at putting players into the league. 

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1. Ohio State

Home seems to mean a lot to this family, though, and Ohio State is home. 

LeBron James has long said that if he had gone to college, it would have been at Ohio State. 

The Buckeyes are sponsored by LeBron's Nike sub-brand and King James even has a locker inside OSU's facility. 

">@TheSchott: "It's very humbling..."

— Cleveland Cavaliers (@cavs)

LeBron on having a locker @TheSchott: "It's very humbling..."

— Cleveland Cavaliers (@cavs) October 20, 2014

">October 20, 2014

If LeBron decides to stay in Cleveland for the rest of his career, the Buckeyes are probably the favorite to land his oldest son, LeBron Jr.

The Buckeyes' connection could be too strong to beat.