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LeBron James Thinks Refs Blew Pass Interference No-Call In Ohio State's Loss At Penn State

LeBron James did not go to Ohio State, but as a native Ohioan, he's a huge Buckeye fan. That means he has some thoughts about tonight's loss to Penn State: namely, an uncalled pass interference on 2nd and 10 that OSU fans are freaking out about.

On 2nd and 10, Penn State cornerback Jordan Smith raked the arm of Ohio State wide receiver James Clark. Without his arm available, the pass deflected off his facemask. Penn State came up with two huge sacks on third and fourth down to seal the massive win.

LeBron is pretty pissed about the no-call.

And based on the video evidence, he has a right to be. Good for Penn State and everything, but this probably should have been called.

With this result, James Franklin has his first true signature win at Penn State, and Michigan is now the clear frontrunner to win the conference. We wouldn't rule out the Buckeyes just yet, however. Win out, and Ohio State has a good shot to take the conference crown and go to the College Football Playoff. With Michigan playing the way it has, that will be easier said than done, of course.

Ohio State falls to 6-1 with the loss.