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Mark May Blasts Ohio State On Twitter, Seems To Miss The Point

Who cares?

At this point, Ohio State fans realize that ESPN analyst Mark May is not a fan of the Buckeyes. He seems to enjoy trolling their fan base at every opportunity he gets, usually sending out most of his hate on Facebook or Twitter. Here's an example:

Right. So May wants to level Buckeyes fans. And we wonder why ESPN is starting to try to gain control of what its employees tweet.

But it's yesterday's tweet that really drives me crazy. As our own Ricky Darling wrote, Ohio State's players received commemorative rings for winning the Big Ten Leaders Division and going 12-0 last season. Seems pretty harmless to me. May did not agree.

First off, May's grammar is atrocious. The misuse of "your" vs. "you're" is one of the least troubling instances from his account. That's for another time though.

Second, while Ohio State was banned from the postseason, it was eligible to win its division (and it did). Honestly, I think May forgot that fact. He's supposed to know these things.

Lastly, why is he taking a shot at the young men who had nothing to do with the sanctions? The school has moved on. If it wants to give its players rings after they went 12-0 with NO HOPE of playing in a bowl game, who cares? It's not like Gordon Gee posted a picture of himself with a "12-0" bow tie (wouldn't that be something). It's about the players.

I couldn't agree more.