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Mark May: "Say Goodbye Urban!"

Mark May talks before being laid off by ESPN.

Mark May on air for ESPN.

Mark May has remained relatively quiet since the news broke that Ohio State placed Urban Meyer on paid administrative leave. The former ESPN employee has been vocal with his Buckeye hate in the past, so it's surprising to see him remain silent.

Of course, he couldn't stay quiet for long.

Nearly two weeks ago, May took to Twitter after Meyer issued a statement, admitting he did know about the 2015 Zach Smith allegations. May had a bit of advice for Meyer - telling him to "stop digging" when he's in a hole.

Now, May has another comment for Ohio State and Urban Meyer.

"Say goodbye Urban!"

Ohio State is set to announce its decision on Urban Meyer's future with the program in the near future. University president Michael Drake announced the investigation will come to a close at its scheduled date tomorrow.

It's clear where Mark May stands on the subject.

Stay tuned for Ohio State's decision.